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Beijing, it’s Big, Busy, Beautiful, Bold, Brave, and simply unique!

With over one hundred direct international flights daily and over one million visitors a year Beijing Capitol International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Business, politics, art, culture, nature, history, shopping, you name it, its here waiting for you to discover it in the original Chinatown. Beijing’s climate, being monsoon influenced, has humid summers and the cold winters! Autumn is the most popular time for most international tourists to visit and for locals to travel due to the favorable climate and the beautiful landscapes dripping in red, orange and yellow. Spring is just as inviting and often a little cheaper. Flat and laid out as a grid, Beijing, with a few meandering historical hutong (narrow alleyways) remaining, and six ring-roads (which are actually more rectangular than ring-like) surrounding the city in layers, means that the city is manageable and also broken into several districts so if you get lost its not too hard to regain your bearings. Thanks to the Olympics most streets, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes now have English signage so getting around is a lot simpler, however do not expect everyone to speak English, there are many locals who still only speak Mandarin. From budget backpacking to luxury travel Beijing has something for you, there are not many cities world-wide where you can have every option you can think of at your fingertips, and Beijing is one of those precious few. Traditional, modern, Eastern, Western, Romance in the Shichahai, business in the Chaoyang, the ‘Academic Northwest’ with its ‘Old Summer Palace’ and ‘New Summer Palace’, historical Forbidden City, powerful Tiananmen Square, beautiful gardens, meandering hutong, shop till you drop, the Giant Panda to the Great Wall slithering along China’s dramatic landscape. Beijing has it all, spiced with the flavors, ideas and demands of Beijing, China and the Globe, across millennia past and for millennia to come.

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