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Chicago: Happily Blown Away By the Windy City

Back during the 1920s, Chicago was known for its gangsters who were notorious for their seedy activities. Of that criminal era, Al Capone is probably the most famous of them all. Although the gangsters are long gone, there are still many places in Chicago that have a vintage 1920s look, giving visitors some insight into how the early years might have been. These roots are part of the reason that Chicago is a city loved by residents and tourists alike. Chicago is also known by various nicknames such as Chi-Town and the Windy City. Moreover, many politicians and locals like to boast about their city by referring to it as the Second City. This is a reference to Chicago sometimes being called the second largest and second most prestigious metropolitan area in America, with a vibrant culture, efficient transportation infrastructure and strong financial system that indeed rival those of New York. Whatever you decide to call it, Chicago is truly a wonderful place to see because of the tall buildings, hearty Midwesterners and blend of cultures. The city is a major hub for both commerce and culture, and its growth had benefited from major infrastructure developments such as O’Hare International Airport, the second-busiest flight facility in the world. As a major business center in particular, the city is home to a large number of finance-related enterprises. Chicago is also listed as one of the top 10 global financial centers. Moreover, Chicago is a hotbed of political discourse in America. President Barack Obama hails from the city. Chicago offers visitors a mix of culture, tradition, and urban and laid-back lifestyles, making it a must-see on the itineraries of international and domestic tourists.

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