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Chicago – The Windy City

Most of Chicago’s main tourist attractions are to be found in the downtown area. Chicago is known as the home of the skyscraper, largely due to the building boom that took place following the great fire of 1871. Chicago’s skyline rivals even that of its eastern counterpart, New York. At a lower altitude, however, you can find some classic early Frank Lloyd Wright creations along with elegant museums and government buildings. However, if you venture away from the downtown core, you can enjoy what many Chicagoans consider to be the heart of the city, its neighborhoods. Or you could take a walk along the waterfront and learn why Chicago is referred to as the Windy City. In terms of Chicago hotels, your choice should be based on what exactly you want to do. For the downtown sights, choose a downtown hotel; a hotel near the airport is really only an option if you have a flight the next day. Hotels in Chicago fill up rapidly whenever one of the city’s huge conventions is in town, so make sure to book in advance. Among other things, Chicago is famous for its food. It is the home of deep dish pizza – a messy and unhealthy but delicious local specialty. You will find the famous Chicago hot dog and the Italian beef sandwich. There are eateries throughout the city claiming to be the best at any one of these delicacies, so it is always wise to ask a local where the best places are. For entertainment, take in some jazz or blues. Chicago may or may not be the spiritual home of either form of music, but it is the best combination of both to be found anywhere. Classic jazz clubs where legends such as Louis Armstrong and Billie Holliday would take the stage share the city with sleek, modern establishments and atmospheric dive bars. The annual Blues and Jazz Fests are among the best of their kind in the world. Chicago is the transportation hub of the American Midwest, which is reflected in its two busy major airports, O’Hare and Midway. Most International flights to Chicago land at O’Hare, which is one of the largest airports in the world and is located about 25 kilometers northwest of the downtown area. Cheap flights to Chicago are more common at Midway, at which the low cost carrier Southwest Airlines is the main airline.

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