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Dublin – Irish Charm and History Await

Many of Ireland’s museums and galleries are located in the capital, and the National Library of Ireland is of particular interest to tourists, as is the National Print Museum of Ireland which showcase the country’s impressive literary past. Theatre and live music have always had an important place in Irish culture, and the visitor to Dublin will be spoilt for choice in this respect. The Abbey, for example, is a famous theatre which was founded by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. Although proud of its past achievements and its rich history, Dublin is ultimately an energetic and youthful city. In fact, it is estimated that up to 50% of inhabitants may be under the age of 25. This contributes to Dublin’s legendary nightlife, with the cultural quarter known as the Temple Bar area achieving international fame for its entertainment. Live music is often played across the city and Dublin is especially beguiling during the summer when many performances take place outdoors in squares and parks. Dublin is also well known for its shopping, with numerous large department stores and retail centers in the city as well as many individual fashionable stores. Although no trip to Dublin would be complete without an obligatory visit to a traditional Irish pub, the city is also home to many excellent restaurants serving everything from traditional fare to Indian cuisine. Hotels in Dublin are clustered around the River Liffey, and there are also a large number of comfortable hostels and cozy bed and breakfasts in the central districts of the city. Hotels and hostels should be booked at least a few weeks before your trip as accommodation in the city can become hard to find if your visit happens to coincide with a large sporting or musical event. The Irish national airline Aerlingus, along with budget airline Ryanair are both based in Dublin offer cheap flights to and from the city. Flights to Dublin arrive at the international airport, ten kilometers north of the city. The airport is well serviced by regular bus and coach services.

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