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Frankfurt – Germany's Powerhouse

Frankfurt is a great museum city, with many of the leading museums to be found in an area known as Museumsufer, on the banks of the Main River. There are museums for almost every area of interest, from the German Film Museum and Museum of Communication to the Jewish Museum and the Museum of World Cultures. Visitors who appreciate churches and cathedrals will love Frankfurt. The most famous of these is Saint Bartholemeus’ Cathedral, which was built in the 14th and 15th centuries. This is where kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected and where emperors were crowned. Another interesting church is Saint Paul’s Church, where the first democratically elected Parliament sat in 1848. Other architectural attractions include the two opera houses: the Old Opera House, which was used from 1880 until it was damaged in World War II, and which is still used for concerts today, and the more modern Frankfurt Opera House, one of the leading opera houses in the world. If you find yourself in Frankfurt in late August, you can take part in Museumsuferfest, one of Germany’s largest festivals. Over three million people crowd the banks of the Main River and party well into the night. Other great festivals include Dippemess, around Easter time and again in September, and the relatively modern Wolkenkratzer Festival, when visitors and residents can access the city’s skyscrapers for a couple of days. For a lot of people, Frankfurt is most famous as a transport hub. Its main airport, Frankfurt International handles over 50 million passengers a year and ranks in the top three busiest airports in Europe. Accordingly, there is no shortage of flights to Frankfurt, as almost all the world’s major airlines fly there. There are also cheap flights to Frankfurt on board the plethora of discount airlines that have appeared across Europe in the last decade or so. Most Frankfurt hotels are designed to cater for business travelers with expense accounts, but there are some budget options, mainly hostels. Although there are many hotels in Frankfurt, the rates increase dramatically when there is a major trade fair or festival in town.

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