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Welcome to Frankfurt: A German Jewel

Frankfurt's has a long history of being one of Germany's most important financial centers. There has been a stock exchange in the city since 1585. This is also the place where the famous Rothschilds opened their first bank. The Bundesbank, Germany's Central Bank, is located here, as well as many national and international businesses. International finance has made Frankfurt one of the country's most multinational cities. Near the modern financial section sits the city center. This is home to many of the historic attractions. The Romer is the city's old square. It was rebuilt after World War II to its pre-war charm. The city center also houses Frankfurt Cathedral and St. Paul's Church. The Goethe Museum and Goethe Haus are dedicated to the city's most famous literary son. Frankfurt has several distinct shopping districts for those with retail on their mind. Goethestrasse is the home of the luxury stores. Zeil Street is the center of Frankfurt retail. It has My Zeil and Zeilgallerie, two of the city's best shopping malls. Fressgass is a street that offers every type of culinary experience imaginable. Cafes, restaurants and small specialty shops entice travelers with everything from baked goods to gourmet foods. Frankfurt is famous for its apple wine. Taverns, bars and restaurants selling the beverage can be found throughout the city, but Sachsenhausen is the most famous apple wine district. Some of the manufacturers of apple wine have tours of their facilities. Porcelain is another famous export of the region. Nearby Hochst has Hochster Porzellan Manufaktur, one of the largest porcelain factories. Life in Frankfurt is not only about business. There are some wonderful cultural attractions in the city as well. Frankfurt has a ballet and an opera. Theater companies perform everything from Shakespeare to modern plays. Several of the city's theaters are multilingual. Frankfurt also has a wonderful art museum that features works by French Impressionists and Dutch Masters. The city also has a modern art museum whose building is a masterpiece in its own right.

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