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Welcome to Frankfurt: Business or Pleasure, the Fun Starts Here

Frankfurt is the site of many business events conventions and trade fairs, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the second largest in Europe. But it’s also where renowned writer Goethe was from, and many city tours include the house he was born in. Admirers of architecture will find much to appreciate from the ultra modern city center, one of the few in Europe with a real selection of skyscrapers, to Gothic churches, quaint outer neighborhoods and countryside castles. Visitors will enjoy the many tours offered by the Frankfurt Tourist & Congress Board. You can choose bus, tram, boat, or go on foot. There are also some pretty cool themed tours, from the expected: architecture, finance, sports, Jewish history, to the unexpected: history of criminality from medieval Frankfurt on. Not to mention some fantastic museums, like the German Film Museum, the Jewish Musuem, the Municipal Gallery Leibieghaus for sculpture, the Museum of Modern Art, Goethe’s birthplace, and the Schirn Gallery with art through the ages. Accommodations run the gamut, from five-star luxury hotels to backpackers’ hostels. No matter what your budget, there are places to stay. Dining is wide and varied, from pricey Michelin star restaurants to inexpensive little cafes, with an impressive array of international cuisine, from Indian and Middle Eastern to Japanese and even classic American-style bar food and Irish pubs. And when the stars come out, there’s plenty of nightlife to choose from. Swanky piano bars, cool jazz clubs, live rock, techno dance floors and more. The Museum River Festival is one of the largest in all of Germany. Along the Main River the museums are open into the early morning and there are live performances and booths selling all sorts of goods from all over the world. The piece de resistance is a fireworks spectacle that is sure to delight. The surrounding countryside is also home to numerous wine festivals throughout the year. There’s great shopping on the Zeil, a main strip of large retail stores and small boutiques, or Fressgasse, where food lovers will find all the specialties they seek. The city is also surrounded by malls and has some great open air and indoor markets with international produce and products. Frankfurt is also home to two universities and has a lively student quarter. To top it off, public transportation is plentiful and relatively inexpensive, so getting around is easy. Even taxi prices aren’t too bad.

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