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Wear comfortable clothing and shoes on your flight. Remember that feet tend to swell so try not to take your shoes off as you may have difficulty getting them back on when you land. Remember too that there are other reasons to keep them on … sniff sniff.

Adjusting to a new time zone can be troublesome. Do your best to get on track as soon as possible but if you need to, take short naps of 40 to 50 minutes depending on your normal sleep cycle. Set your alarm (cell phone) across the room so you have to go turn it off.

In flight, avoid overeating. Light meals every few hours are better for you than finishing your dinner and what your two kids didn’t eat. Remember that the cabin pressure is not the same as ground level and your tummy ache may become worse on landing.

During the holidays or heading to a wedding or other “present” event, keep the gift unwrapped as security may want you to open it for inspection. Better yet, you can save some overweight baggage expenses by buying the item at your destination!

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