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Honolulu – Tropical Island Paradise

In terms of activities, Honolulu offers something for almost everyone. Those wishing for pure relaxation will be right at home on the beach, while the more actively-inclined can choose from golf, jogging, horseback riding, surfing, yoga, and even ice skating. There are several military memorials in the city area and, as with all of Hawaii, great opportunities to see some beautiful flora, fauna and scenery. Waikiki Beach is, arguably, the most famous beach in the world. The two-kilometer stretch of white sand is bordered on one side by the endless blue of the Pacific and on the other by a seemingly endless stretch of enormous hotels. There are flights to Honolulu from all directions. Its location, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, means that it is a popular stopover spot for flights between the United States and the Asia-Pacific region and, of course, it is an extremely popular destination in its own right. Honolulu International Airport is home to Hawaiian Airlines and is served by many international airlines en route to and from the US mainland. Cheap flights to Honolulu are not as common as they are to some other destinations, largely due to its geographical location, but there are bargains to be found. Another popular and enjoyable way to reach Hawaii is by cruise ship from the mainland. As a city that thrives on tourism, there are many hotels in Honolulu, most of which feature the relaxed hospitality for which Hawaiians are famous. The Waikiki Beach area has the highest concentration of hotels, and these tend to fill up fastest during the period between December and March and between June and September. Accordingly, there are some bargains to be found at Honolulu hotels outside of these times. Hawaiian food is an intriguing fusion of cultures, including Portuguese, Asian and traditional local food. As you would expect, seafood is a feature of Hawaiian cuisine, along with delectable fruits like papayas, mangoes and guavas. For a traditional Hawaiian experience, you can’t go past a luau, or feast, which is often accompanied by hula dancing and other entertainment.

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