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Taking It Easy in the Big Easy: Welcome to New Orleans!

This is a sultry Louisiana city. The warmer weather averages 91 degrees F and draws young and old alike into the streets for dancing, impromptu bursts of heady jazz, hip hop and virtually endless reveling. With the coldest temperature averaging 43 degrees F, there is not a bad time to grab a cheap flight to New Orleans. Many visitors will even find the cooler weather a great excuse to duck into one of the city’s infinite hole-in-the-wall eateries for a steaming bowl of jumbalaya, gumbo or a stiff drink to kick off whatever merriment is in store for the day. The devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina failed to dampen the joy of New Orleans and the spirit of its residents. Locals have resolutely returned in droves, rebuilding beloved historical icons and hot spots. By 2008, the city had return with gusto to its prehurricane glory, a resurrection that serves as a testament to the indestructible charm of New Orleans and its hardworking and fun-loving people. Finding a budget flight to New Orleans is not a complicated affair. The city attracts tourists as diverse as its multicultural population, and welcomes a wide selection of budget airlines into its international and several regional airports. Arriving in New Orleans, visitors will no doubt be torn as to where to visit first. Locals suggest that you take a moment to cool your heels over a high ball and a delicious Cajun treat as you consider where to start. The French Quarter beckons, though. And once there you will understand instantly why this entire district has been listed as a National Historic Landmark, with its many grand statues, immaculate lawns and bona fide Old World charm complete with horse and carriage rides. The French Quarter is home to Rue de Bourbon, known by most as Bourbon Street, the proud Mecca of historical drinking establishments. Each and every bar is integral to this street’s well-deserved reputation as an absolute must for any self-respecting enthusiast of liquor, jazz and rowdy, spirited company. Competing for your immediate attention, however, will be antique and boutique-rich Magazine Street, and the historic sites of St. Charles Avenue. Ultimately, whichever direction you saunter to in this dizzyingly fabulous city, you are very likely to have wide eyes, a watering mouth and a tremendous amount of fun.

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