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Most countries with VAT (Value Added Tax) will refund it on departure. Do not expect lodging or meal VAT to be refundable, just goods.

Most of the better hotels around the world have in room safes. Keep your tickets, extra cards and money here along with your passport. If you do get your pocket picked, it is not a total loss as you have backup plastic and cash available.

Always check the weather at your destination. No one looks sillier than the guy who arrives in Denver in shorts and a tank top in the middle of a blizzard. Well, maybe the guy in Miami in a parka will come close!

Traveling is hard, the hardest part of a vacation. Gone are the glamour days so always plan accordingly for the biggest disappointment you can image. If it does happen, you will have expected it. If it doesn’t, consider yourself blessed!

Treat the counter help with respect. Remember, they control who gets the middle seat in the last row; who gets the last Yugo on the lot, and who assigns the hotel room by the ice maker and elevator. If you have a complaint of concern, ask for the manager.

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